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Since I have booked my trip, I have been researching like crazy.  If the free dining deal doesn’t come out, then I need to decide whether to add on dining to my package.  I keep going back and forth.  For two of us it will cost 70.00 a day for the dining plan, and we will probably spend right around that amount (with one less snack) without the plan.  The dining plan offers so many conveniences because I won’t have to total and keep track every day on how much I spend.  It would be such a stress reliever.  We may save some money not doing it, but we are talking 5 dollars a day, so is it worth it?  I am leaning towards that it would be worth it to add on the dining plan.  I just pray free dining will be offered for the month of November!!!

There are two websites that I constantly look at to review restaurants, prices, and menus.  If you want more information about Disney, check out the following websites!



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